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Millivision Technologies Concealed Object and

Threat Detection Systems

Photo:Security Screening Checkpoint

Millivision Technologies security screening system is a safe, reliable, economical way to detect concealed objects and threats before they become a danger to people or property without compromising the privacy of the subject.

Security agencies worldwide, governments and local municipalities all recognize the need to detect a broad range of concealed objects and threats, whether they arise from terrorism or individual acts of violence. In addition, loss prevention, of both physical and intellectual property, is fast becoming a priority in corporate and industrial sectors.

Millivision's Product Line
A video image from Millivision's Stand Off System

Millivision's Portal System S350

  • Designed for easy deployment in checkpoint applications where metal detectors are typically used
  • Six (6) second scan delivers throughput of over 250 people per hour
  • Portal System On-Line Demo>

Millivision's System X250

  • Designed to solve the challenges of dectecting certain "non-reflective" objects that are at or near body temperature.
  • High detection and low false alarm rates, unquestionably safe, options for various degrees of privacy, portable and low priced.
  • X250 On-Line Demo>


Simply stated, we can no longer rely upon the ubiquitous metal detectors or disruptive security checkpoints to keep us safe. Real dangers—in the form of composite guns, ceramic knives and plastic explosives—all too easily slip by these routine safety precautions. Nor can we enjoy normal social or commercial interactions if we interrupt the free flow of people in airports, office buildings and government installations with intrusive security measures.

Millivision’s technology addresses all of these concerns by providing a safe, accurate, privacy-sensitive screening system that efficiently and effectively detects concealed threats whether they consist of ceramic, plastic, glass or metallic materials.

Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager

At the heart of Millivision’s product line is the Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager, which incorporates proprietary passive millimeter wave technology as well as a patented Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool.

Passive millimeter wave technology is a safe, fast, superior alternative to existing security systems, including metal detectors, radiating systems, and pat-down searches. (View the President's Message regarding the benefits of passive millimeter wave technology.) The Passive Millimeter Wave Imager emits no radiation whatsoever and with the use of ATD avoids privacy issues by obviating the need for operators to tediously examine x-ray or other images that are considered too revealing. The Imager can be implemented in one of two configurations: The Millivision Portal System S350 and The Millivision System X250.

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