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Next Generation Passive Millimeter Wave System


Introducing Millivision's Next-Generation low cost Passive Millimeter X250 Scanning System. The ONLY system that reliably detects subtle non-reflective objects at body temperature

Millivision’s new X250 Scanning System is the only passive technology available that can reliably detect subtle non-reflective objects at body temperature. Our patented technology enables you to detect both reflective and non-reflective/subtle targets (like plastic explosives) that are on the body—at body temperature and in environments up to 80º F (27º C).

System X250 Highlights


The image to the right shows how this next-generation passive millimeter system detects a raw-plastic explosive simulant that is heated to body temperature, detected in a room that is over 80º F (27º C). This type of object would previously be undetectable in non-radiating systems.

Configuration and Installation

The X250 is easily deployed—and simple and intuitive to operate— for use at physical security checkpoints or loss prevention entry/exit screening. Benefits of the X250 System include:

  • Security without Privacy Issues: Concealed threats hidden on the body may be detected without the need for hands-on invasive searches or revealing  images.
  • Safe: Unlike active or x-ray systems, Millivision’s passive millimeter wave technology does not produce or subject individuals to any forms of harmful radiation.
  • Versatile Applications: Privacy options may be set depending upon user preferences, including proprietary Automated Threat Detection, and the system can be used with other detection devices such as archway metal detectors.
  • Low Costs/Attractive ROI: User interface makes detection easy, requires minimal staffing and training and has field-proven system quality and up-time.
  • Portable: Can be assembled in less than 2 hours for easy transport to different locations or events.
  • Small Footprint: Fits in a 8’ x 13’ space

The Portal System S350 weighs 700 pounds, and requires standard power (1 x 20 A Circuit).

X250 Product Specifications

Operating Mode – Passive Millimeter Wave
Detector Millimeter Wave Frequency – 80 to 100 GHz
Hardware Operating Temperature – 50º to 80º F (10º to 27º C)
Operating Humidity – Up to 90% non-condensing
Power Supply 120V Version: 100 to 130 VAC 50-60 Hz, Dedicated 15 amp circuit 230V Version: 208 to 235 VAC 50-60 Hz, Dedicated 10 amp circuit

Power Consumption

Less than 1200VA, Less than 1200Watts

Scan Time

Scan time between 5 and 10 seconds, depending upon the protocol selected for the subject. Protocols can range from a continous 360 degree rotation to a more vigorous 4 pose con-op.


Very high rates of dection with very low false alarms.