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A Leader in Passive Millimeter Wave Detection

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Millivision Technologies designs and builds state-of-the-art concealed threat detection systems for security markets worldwide. Our systems are safe, reliable and protect the privacy of scanned subjects.

Millivision Technologies, located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, develops, manufactures, and markets products for the security, law enforcement, loss prevention and safety markets. The company focuses on the use of passive millimeter wave technology to detect concealed weapons and other contraband hidden on the human body. Millivision’s mission is to deliver reliable, privacy-sensitive, cost-efficient threat detection systems that are safe for both subjects and operators.

Our products have been developed following twenty years of research.. Millivision employs an industry-leading team of millimeter wave engineers and scientists, and a talented staff in related fields. We are justly proud of our patented technology, but are committed to on-going research and product innovation in order to build a more secure future.

Millivision’s technology addresses all of these concerns by providing a safe, accurate, privacy-sensitive screening system that efficiently and effectively detects concealed threats whether they consist of ceramic, plastic, glass or metallic materials.

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