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Applications for Passive Millimeter Wave Detection

Photograph of prison cells

Millivision’s concealed object and threat detection systems are designed to protect people, assets and critical infrastructure in governmental, municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

Millivision’s passive millimeter wave concealed object and threat detection systems deliver reliable, safe, privacy-sensitive security screenings that do not interrupt the normal flow of travel and commerce. Millivision’s patented technology is uniquely applicable to a wide variety of security checkpoint situations.

Transportation Hubs

Millivision’s Passive Millimeter Wave Imager can reliably screen for concealed objects and potential threats without disrupting the efficient flow of traffic in airports, train stations, customs/immigration checkpoints and commuter terminals. The ability to scan people with Millivision’s passive systems eliminates the questionable practices of random or hands-on searches and profiling. Millivision's totally safe technology emits no harmful radiation and is safe for operators and subjects—including pregnant women and children.

Military Installations

Millivision’s threat detection systems can be easily integrated into the existing security systems at military installations. Unlike conventional detection systems, Millivision’s Passive Millimeter Wave Imager has the ability to detect a wide array of weapons and materials hidden on the human body, such as ceramic knives, composite guns and plastic explosives as well as those difficult to detect non-reflective objects when at or near body temperature.

Government Facilities

In order for government to operate effectively, employees and the public must be granted access to a wide variety of facilities, including courthouses, city halls, and federal or municipal office buildings. Millivision’s detection systems offer optimal performance in these situations, including reliable detection rates, safe operation and privacy-sensitivity.

Correctional Institutions

Penal institutions are increasingly concerned about inmate security and staff safety. Prison populations continue to grow—especially in the United States—without a corresponding increase in staffing. Millivision’s cost-effective security solutions are easy to install and operate, making them attractive to budget-strapped organizations. The passive millimeter wave technology used to detect weapons and contraband hidden beneath clothing is totally safe for both guards and inmates, even after prolonged or repeated exposure.

Corporate/Private Security

Millivision’s detection systems help private companies to protect both people and assets and are saving customers millions of dollars a year protecting intellectual property.

Loss Prevention

Millivision’s whole body imager can prevent inventory losses in both retail and warehouse situations. Passive millimeter wave technology can uncover dishonest or careless behavior on the part of either personnel or customers by detecting a wide range of materials, including, metal, plastic, ceramic, liquid or gel. Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection Tool indicates the presence of suspicious objects hidden beneath clothing while eliminating the need for operators to view potentially revealing millimeter wave images.