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Millivision Loss Prevention Systems In Action

Photograph of surveillance room.

Millivision's patented passive millimeter wave technology helps corporations prevent loss by scanning employees leaving a facility. Millivision is the only solution that delivers high detection rates, low false alarms, low operational costs, privacy and unquestioned safety.

Millivision’s S350 system is deployed at corporate sites in both the US and the EU delivering the highest level of loss prevention. For more information about live demonstrations, please contact Millivision.

We welcome you to view 4 sets of videos showing the S350 in action. Please click on the links below.

  • S350 Demo — Comprehensive example of system use that demonstrates the detection of DVD’s/CD’s and Blu-ray discs as well as Smartphones.
  • Detection of Cosmetics — shows the system detecting small cosmetic blush product in both plastic and metal cases.
  • Detection of SmartPhones — shows the system detecting iPhones and Bionic Phones.
  • Detection of iPods — Shows the system detecting iPod Classic, Nano, and Shuffle.