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Millivision Technologies in the Spotlight

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Press releases, video clips, whitepapers and links to third-party resources are available here. They provide insight into Millivision Technologies' position at the forefront of passive millimeter wave research and development.

Press Releases and Related Resources
January, 2014 System X350
Millivision's new X350 Scanning System is the only passive technology available that can reliably detect subtle non-reflective objects at body temperature. Our patented technology enables you to detect both reflective and non-reflective/subtle targets (like plastic explosives) that are on the body—at body temperature and in environments up to 80º F (27º C).
July, 2013 Loss Prevention
Employee theft is a real and growing problem. Worldwide, well over 10 billion dollars of company property is stolen from manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses each year. In fact, the American Society of Employers estimates that as much as 20 percent of every dollar of a company's earnings is lost to worker theft.
February, 2012 Stores Magazine
A global leader in the business of manufacturing and distributing products that include video games, CDs and DVDs implemented Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager to prevent the loss of yet-to-be released product.
November 8, 2011 MarketWire
A global manufacturer of DVDs,CDs and video games is using Millivision's advanced object detection scanning systems to prevent employee theft while ensuring workplace safety and privacy.
November 14, 2011 LP Magazine
Millivision's passive millimeter wave technology is used to prevent inventory loss and intellectual property theft. Visit the LP Magazine Website.
January, 2010 WGGB Springfield, MA
Paul Nicholas explains privacy and safety features of Millivision Technologies' security screening system.
January, 2010 CBS 3, Springfield, MA
A profile of Millivision Technologies, showcasing the innovative privacy controls that are part of Millivision's passive millimeter wave threat detection system.
January, 2010 Fox Business
Paul Nicholas is intereviewed on the use of passive millimeter wave technology to improve airport security screenings.
January, 2010 Coverage on Fox 25, Boston MA
Jim Armstrong reports on public reaction to millimeter wave technology. Paul Nicholas comments on privacy issues.
January, 2010 Dan Rea Interview, WBZ News Radio, Boston, MA (MP3 Audio)
April 27, 2009 Scanner Finds Hidden Objects, Not Flesh
Dave Copeland, The Boston Globe
The MBTA tests Millivision's patented threat Detection System. View as PDF.
April 25, 2009 CEO Paul E. Nicholas was recently interviewed by Mike Christian, host of "What's @ Risk" on WBZ radio. "What's @Risk?" has become a forum for individuals, local businesses and industry experts to discuss perspectives, ideas and solutions to mitigate risk. Download the MP3 audio discussion about the transportation industry's use of whole body imaging systems.