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Portal System S350: Turnkey Threat Detection

Photograph of main walking through airport.

The Portal System S350 balances optimal performance with market requirements for privacy, safety and cost-efficiency. The system can augment existing security systems or be deployed on a stand-alone basis.

Millivision’s Portal System S350 provides safe, reliable and economical threat detection. The Portal System S350 relies on Millivision’s Passive Millimeter Wave Technology which is totally safe for both operators and scanned subjects because it does not generate any harmful radiation. The Portal System S350 offers the most sensitive detection capabilities of all Millivision products, enabling it to detect small items, such as knives, handguns, body bombs and other improvised explosive devices. Millivision’s passive millimeter wave sensors can detect items that may be composed of either metallic or non-metallic substances, such as plastic, liquid and composite materials.

Portal System S350 Highlights
The Portal System 350 in operation.

In the Portal System S350, a divested subject enters the booth and rotates 360 degrees for a full body scan.

The Portal System 350 in operation.

Millivision’s proprietary Automatic Threat Detection Tool offers operators an easy-to-use, computer interface. The ATD Tool superimposes red highlighting of a suspected threat onto a real-time video image. This composite view, which merges video images with millimeter wave data, improves operator efficiency. There is also a privacy option, which does not display the millimeter wave image, for those situations where the millimeter image may be too revealing.


The Portal System S350 is the turnkey offering in Millivision’s product line, and as such can be rapidly deployed to either augment or replace existing checkpoint systems.

Configuration and Installation

The Portal System S350 has been designed to reduce the visual confinement of the subject while providing the most sensitive image of potential threats. The Portal System 350 consists of:

  • One (1) Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW) imager, and one (1) internal video camera
  • A space-efficient temperature controlled booth
  • A conventional PC with a standard screen display
  • Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool

The Portal System S350 weighs 700 pounds, and requires standard power (1 x 20 A Circuit).

Plug and Play Threat Detection

The Portal System S350 was specifically designed for turnkey operation. The standard system can be delivered, assembled, plugged in and operational in hours. The compact design offers space saving performance for easy installation in varied venues such as mass transportation hubs, shopping malls and entryways to public buildings. Subjects typically enter and exit the portal every 11 seconds, supporting throughputs of over 250 people per hour.

Automatic Threat Detection

When a divested subject enters the Portal System S350 he/she is scanned by the system’s PMMW imager. A full-body scan is achieved as the subject rotates and then exits the unit. The PMMW camera internally produces a 10-frame-per-second moving image of the subject, with sufficient resolution to detect some objects as small as one inch on a side.

The Portal System 350 includes Millivision’s proprietary Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool, which assists operators by merging millimeter detection results with a live video image. Suspected threats are automatically highlighted in red on top of a video image of the subject. This reduces the need for extensive operator training, improves overall efficiency, and ensures the privacy of the subject.

Demo the Portal System S350

The Portal System S350 is available for demonstration purposes, and can be examined at either Millivision’s corporate headquarters in South Deerfield, Massachusetts or in a field deployment. Please contact Millivision to arrange a hands-on demonstration.