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Stand-Off System 350: Unobtrusive Threat Detection

Photograph of man in corridor.

With superior stand-off performance, Millivision's Stand-Off System 350 can reliably detect concealed threats, such as assault rifles and body bombs, from distances up to 4 meters in high traffic applications.

The Stand-Off System 350 is one of three offerings in the Millivision product line built around Millivision’s Passive Millimeter Wave Imager. Like all Millivision products, the Stand-Off System 350 can address privacy requirements and does not generate any harmful radiation, making it safe for both operators and subjects. And like the Walk-By System 350, the Stand-Off System can process high traffic volumes.

Stand-Off System 350 Highlights
The Stand-Off System 350, ceiling mounted millimeter wave cameras.

This image depicts a typical installation of the Stand-Off System 350, where two PMMW cameras have been ceiling mounted approximately 25 feet apart. With this configuration the Stand-Off System 350 can image both the front and the back of the subject simultaneously as he walks down the pathway.

Millivision's Automatic Threat Detection Software, user interface.

Millivision’s proprietary Automatic Threat Detection Tool (ATD), shown here, superimposes red highlighting of a suspected threat onto a real-time video image. This feature improves operator effectiveness, reduces operating costs and provides a privacy option. In this simulation the operator has selected to display both the millimeter wave image and the video image side by side on the screen. Note that the millimeter wave image clearly depicts the body bombs which the subject is carrying both front and back. In normal operation the operator would only need to view the video image (see below) ensuring privacy.

The composite video image of the Stand-Off Systme 350 showing concealed weapons.


The Stand-Off System 350 can detect medium- and large-sized objects, such as large handguns, assault rifles, contraband, body bombs and other improvised explosive devices concealed under clothing from a distance of up to 4 meters (approximately 13 feet). The Stand-Off System 350 can accurately detect a broad array of concealed threats that may be composed of metal, plastic, liquid or composite materials.

Configuration and Installation

A typical installation of the Stand-Off System 350 consists of:

  • Two (2) 64-channel Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW) cameras and two (2) internal video cameras
  • A conventional PC with a standard screen display
  • Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool

The systems can be hung from a ceiling, mounted on a wall, set on a table or attached to custom-designed stands for specific applications. The Stand-Off System 350 requires only standard power (2 x 20 A Circuits).

Accurate Stand-Off Detection

In a typical checkpoint scenario, the Stand-Off System 350’s two PMMW camera units are spaced approximately 25 feet apart. The subject is expected to walk within a 1-meter wide area to be properly imaged by both units simultaneously.

The PMMW cameras produce a high sensitivity, 10-fps (frames-per-second) moving image of the subject, with resolution cells on the order of 35 millimeter waves. Data from the PMMW cameras can be viewed as a millimeter image. However, Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool assists operators by merging millimeter data with a live video image, highlighting suspected threats in red on top of a video image. This indicates the presence and location of concealed items and eliminates the need for operators to view revealing images of subjects. ATD also reduces the need for extensive operator training, improves overall efficiency and reduces manpower requirements enabling low operating costs.

Demo the Stand-Off System 350

A live demonstration of the Stand-Off System 350 can be viewed at Millivision’s company headquarters or at an active deployment location. Please contact Millivision to arrange a hands-on demonstration.