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Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager

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Millivision's Passive Millimeter Wave Imager is the most advanced concealed object and threat detection system available. This patented technology delivers highly reliable threat detection with very low false alarms – it is safe, cost-effective and privacy-sensitive.

Millivision Technologies’ Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager provides safe, privacy-protecting, reliable and economical threat detection that is easy to implement and operate. The Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager employs highly specialized sensors to detect threats or contraband concealed beneath clothing on the human body.

Millivision Technology Benefits

Superior Detection Capabilities
Patented technology enables detection of both metallic and nonmetallic objects hidden on the body. Ceramic knives, composite guns, and explosives are among the many types of objects easily detectable. Multiple objects can be detected simultaneously.

Initial screening can be accomplished with composite video images rather than a more revealing millimeter wave images, thereby protecting the privacy of subjects.

Passive millimeter wave technology is totally safe for both the public and operators, because it does not produce any forms of harmful radiation

Accurate Detection
System parameters may be tuned to application-specific detection goals, helping to balance false alarm rates with subject throughput to accommodate user-defined detection levels.

Rapid Throughput
Simple entry/exit system provides maximum throughput and minimal queuing for faster service.

Low-Operating Costs
Millivision’s automated threat detection tool requires minimal staffing, reduces training requirements, and eliminates operator fatigue.

The Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager is offered in two footprints (Portal System S350, and System X250) and can be further customized with additional cameras, covert installation, and integration into existing security screening systems.

The whole-body imager can detect an amazing array of objects, including but not limited to, knives, guns, explosives and contraband. The system can detect objects made from ceramic, plastic, liquid, gel, metal or other non-metallic materials and composites

The functional components of the Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager include:

  • Passive millimeter wave (PMMW) sensors, and associated video cameras
  • Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool and display

Safe Millimeter Wave Imaging

Millivision’s passive millimeter wave imaging technology relies on the millimeter wave emissions (a “glow”) given off by all objects. These natural emissions pass through clothing, allowing Millivision’s exceptionally sensitive electronics to register and differentiate between the energy levels emitted by human skin and the lower energy levels of inanimate objects. Millivision’s PMMW cameras produce a detailed 10-fps (frames-per-second) moving image of the subject, with resolution sufficient to reveal objects smaller than 2 inches on a side.

Unlike other active technologies that produce and emit radiation to create an image, the Millivision technology is completely safe for both the people being scanned and the system operators. The Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager produces no electromagnetic radiation of any type. Furthermore, the Millivision system allows operators and security officials to find objects and threats that are not easily detected with other active technologies.

Detecting Threats and Protecting Privacy

Millivision’s systems translate millimeter waves into a real-time viewable image. However, in some instances these images may violate the subject’s privacy. Millivision's Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool addresses this concern by merging millimeter wave detections with a real-time video image of the subject, making it unnecessary to view the millimeter wave image directly.

Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection Tool reveals the presence and location of suspected threats by highlighting the object in red on top of the video image. In most applications, the ATD tool provides a privacy option that eliminates the need for operators to view millimeter wave images that might be considered too revealing. The automatic interpretation of the millimeter wave information enables the Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager to be operated with minimal, easily-trained staff; improves overall efficiency, reduces manpower requirements and eliminates problems from operator fatigue.

Flexible Installation

The Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager offers great installation flexibility. Operators can view images and detect concealed objects on a wireless display, a stationary computer or on control room monitors, depending upon the specific application. In addition, the Millivision Passive Millimeter Wave Imager can be implemented in virtually unlimited configurations, three of which Millivision provides that address specific market segments.

  • Millivision’s Systems are turnkey solutions designed for easy deployment in checkpoint applications. They can easily augment or replace existing security screening systems. The controlled screening booth and restricted range allow Millivision to deliver the highest degree of sensitivity revealing both large and small objects.