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Walk-By System 350: Efficient Threat Detection

Photograph of people walking through a lobby.

The Walk-By System 350 addresses the security needs of high-traffic applications. The whole-body imager screens up to 900 people per hour, making it ideal for mass transportation venues and public building entryways.

The Walk-By System 350 is part of the Millivision family of products that relies on Millivision’s Passive Millimeter Wave Technology. Millimeter wave imaging is a passive technology that does not generate any harmful radiation. As such, it is totally safe for both operators and scanned subjects.

Walk-By System 350 Highlights
A standard installation of the Walk-By threat detection system from Millivision.

These images illustrate a typical setup for the Walk-By System 350; the actual length and shape of the corridor may vary in response to specific site requirements. Here, the subject walks at a normal pace through a corridor in which Millivision’s Passive Millimeter Wave Imager has been covertly deployed.

The user interface of Millivision's Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) software.

Millivision’s proprietary Automatic Threat Detection Tool offers operators an easy-to-use, computer interface. Here, green lights indicate that the ATD Tool is analyzing input from both cameras. In this example, the subject is carrying body bombs both front and back, which are clearly visible in the millimeter wave image on the left.

The ATD Tool superimposes red highlighting of a suspected threat onto a real-time video image. This composite view, which merges video images with millimeter wave data, improves operator efficiency and provides a privacy option for those situations where the millimeter image may be too revealing.


The Walk-By System 350 scans for medium- and large-sized objects, such as knives, handguns, assault rifles, body bombs, and other improvised explosive devices concealed under clothing. It can detect a broad array of concealed threats that may be composed of metal, plastic, liquid or composite materials.

Configuration and Installation

The Walk-By System 350 is highly configurable and can be easily tailored to the length and shape of an existing corridor. Typically, the Walk-By System 350 consists of:

  • Two (2) Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW) cameras, and two (2) internal video cameras
  • A temperature controlled corridor, measuring 7.5 feet high, 25 feet long and 10 feet wide (other configurations are available, as dictated by the specific needs in an existing or newly planned traffic area)
  • A conventional PC with a standard screen display
  • Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool

The standard Walk-By System 350 weighs approximately 1,000 pounds, and requires standard power (2 x 20 A Circuits).

High-Throughput, Covert Deployment

The Walk-By System 350 was specifically designed for high-traffic scenarios, such as mass transportation venues, shopping malls and entryways to public buildings. Because subjects can walk through the detection system at a normal pace, the Walk-By System 350 can achieve throughput rates of up to 900 people per hour. In a typical installation, the passive millimeter wave cameras are located behind corridor walls, allowing for completely covert deployment.

Automatic Threat Detection

As the subject walks through the corridor at a normal pace, he/she is scanned by the System 350’s two PMMW cameras, located behind the corridor walls. The PMMW cameras produce a 10-frame-per-second moving image of the subject, with sufficient resolution to see objects as small as large handguns.

The temperature controlled corridor shields the PMMW sensors from external influences and provides superior contrast to that found in ambient environments. The surfaces of the system remain at or near room temperature and there is no sense of anything but a normal corridor by the subject.

The Walk-By System 350 offers a key advantage over other PMMW solutions. Millivision’s Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) Tool assists operators by merging the results of millimeter wave detections with a live video image, highlighting suspected threats in red on top of the video image. This reduces the need for extensive operator training, improves overall efficiency, and ensures the privacy of the subject.

Demo the Walk-By System 350

You can see the Walk-By System 350 in action by attending a demonstration at either Millivision’s corporate headquarters in South Deerfield, Massachusetts or at a field deployment location. Please contact Millivision to arrange a hands-on demonstration.